Most in the industry are likely aware that as the demand for Data Center’s increase and appropriate parcels of land for such builds decrease, your base economics education would lead you to believe that prices would thus increase.  And they have. Particularly in areas like N. Virginia, Silicon Valley, and Singapore.

Many of the experts agree that one solution to consider strongly is to take Data Center design from single level to multi-story.  Of course there are economic, zoning, and scheduling nuances that must be considered but based on the 7×24 panel of Chris McLean (M.C. Dean), Bill McCarthy (Callison RTKL) and Thomas Sandlin (Avison Young) their evaluation of the question points to a viable benefit of a 2 or 3 story data hall.

Of course, this can be achieved in the traditional manner of construction which does add cost and time to the schedule.  Or, you could consider the DCIF (Data Center Infrastructural Frame) by Superstruct. It’s a multi-level and self-supported system that gets you vertical faster at a lower cost per square foot while doubling or tripling the capacity of your footprint.

In addition to the DCIF, Superstruct is working with other industry leaders to collaborate on a more modular plug and play solution that can take much of the quality control and testing out of the field and into a controlled plant environment to increase speed to market.

To learn more about the economics of a multi-level data hall or “Watts per acre” scenario click either of the links below. 


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